First Date: HireVault Meets Employee

A wise man once said, “first dates suck”…and he wasn’t wrong. First dates evoke all kinds of emotions – fear, anxiety, excitement, hope, and even a touch of uncomfortable awkwardness. It’s hard to imagine a first date without some of these negative emotions, even for the best of love connections. Imagine, however, a first date devoid of any anxiety, awkwardness, or fear. Imagine having the comfort of knowing that a first date would be relaxed, smooth, and laced with hopeful enthusiasm. While we may not be able to introduce you to your future husband or wife, we might have a solution to your HR “first date” issues: escaping the classic first day hiccups with your new employee.

Hiring new staff members is actually a lot like dating. You survey potential candidates, determine if your goals and ways of thinking align, and then you choose to move forward with the best one available. While finding top potential employees for your company is often a difficult and lengthy task, once a candidate is hired the subsequent processes are far more complicated and complex than many understand. Finding and hiring a fantastic employee is timely, costly, and sometimes frustrating. From interviewing to training, employers must find a way to navigate the hiring process as efficiently and effectively as possible. First impressions are everything – and your first “date” with a new hire must be close to perfect.

Recent research from the Harvard Business Review shows that poor hiring decisions are responsible for nearly 80% of employee turnover. So, how does an employer avoid hiring mistakes that lead to lost profits, time, and added frustration? How can the onboarding process go from major headache to a well-oiled machine? How can you, the employer or HR director, ensure that your new hires are equipped to be productive, happy employees? The solution is our simple mantra, “HR Headaches, Meet the HireVault”.

The power of HireVault lies in our ability to streamline your entire employee process: applicant tracking, background checking, hiring, onboarding, time keeping, compliance, continued employee education, performance tracking, and more. In other words, a comprehensive human resources procedure remedy. With the confidence of knowing that your employee documents are safe and secure in our Vault, you are now able to focus on much more important matters…like running your business.

Human Resources Management System

Did you know that companies lose millions of dollars each year due to inadequate communication to and between employees? An all-in-one HR system is critical to simplifying and structuring your company to operate flawlessly. Having a trusted database of employee information not only helps HR personnel, but ensures better overall function of your company. Remember that first date analogy? HireVault is like having a dating expert dictate every move of your first date, making you look like Rico Suave and laying the foundation for a promising future. Is it important for you to make a great first impression on your new staff members? It should be, and HireVault lays the groundwork for just that.

And don’t worry, HireVault is dressed to impress on the first date. Wow your new employees with our beautiful dashboard and mobile time clock app. More often than not, the HR administration process is tedious and time-consuming, so let’s do away with those HR Headaches by taking full advantage of HireVault’s:

  1. Human Resources Information System: trust our robust database to store your employee information
  2. Applicant Tracking System: keep track of and hire your new employees efficiently
  3. Employee Time Management System: the power of our time clock system is incredible – from GPS tracking to our mobile app
  4. Automated Onboarding: paperless onboarding ensures that your hiring documents are safe, secure, and easily accessible for you
  5. Integrated Background Check: take advantage of a simple and effective way to make sure you are hiring the right people
  6. Compliance: sensitive documents like I-9s, W-4s, applications, and more are all stored behind our firewall
  7. Performance Training & Evaluations: support to keep your employees continually learning and getting better, creating a path to both business and personal growth
  8. All-in-One: with online self-access to the employee portal, staff member and superiors will be able to access appropriate documents easily – an HR dream come true

The fictional wise man who once said “first dates suck” wasn’t equipped with the tools to make sure the date was successful. When you sit down with your new employee during their first day on the job, what impression do you want to make? How much time can you afford to spend getting them up to speed? At HireVault, our powerful HR system is armed and ready to bring simplicity and charm back into the employee relations process. It’s time to realize your company’s full potential, free from unnecessary hiring roadblocks. Let’s make it happen together. HR Headaches, Meet the HireVault.