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You Pay for Active Employees Only!

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    $ 39.00 /month*

    Per-User-Based Pricing

    Are you looking to burn through your HR budget paying for more employees than you actually employ? We didn’t think so. The beauty of HireVault lies in our unique pricing structure. With our per-user-based pricing, you only pay for the number of employees in your workforce. Far too many Human Resources Management Systems charge in workforce blocks, this means you lose money with unnecessary spending and we don’t want that. How many active employees do you have? Let’s make sure you’re only paying for those employees. Take a look at the HireVault Pricing Tool below and get an exact idea of your monthly HR costs.

    Minimum Costs for Maximum Results

    HireVault outshines our competition in a number of ways. Most notably, however, is our incredibly competitive pricing structure. The majority of Human Resources Information Systems rely on charging per workforce blocks. This means that a company with 30 active employees is forced to pay for 50 active employees. We hate wasting money, and that’s a big waste of money! With HireVault’s per-user-based pricing, you only pay for the number of employees in your workforce. Adding more employees? Not a problem. Easily add employees as your company grows at minimal costs.

    HR Headaches, Meet The HireVault

    At HireVault, our powerful HR system is armed and ready to bring simplicity and charm back into the employee relations process. Take a look at some of HireVault’s most extraordinary benefits:

    Hirevault Benefits

    • Full HR Systems, all Online & Secure
    • Applicant Tracking, Post/Receive Resumes
    • Most Custom Reports In the Industry
    • All Government Standard Reports Included
    • Custom NEW HIRE CHECKLIST for Efficient Onboarding
    • eSignature for all Documents
    • Personalize Employee Forms with Our Editor
    • Resume Parser to eFile Applicants
    • Integrated Background Check System


    The power of HireVault lies in our ability to streamline your entire employee process: applicant tracking, background checking, hiring, onboarding, time keeping, compliance, continued employee education, performance tracking, and more. In other words, a comprehensive human resources procedure remedy. With the confidence of knowing that your employee documents are safe and secure in our Vault, you are now able to focus on much more important matters like running your business.

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