1. What features are included with the HireVault?
HireVault includes Employee Time Management System (Time Clock), HR System (HRIS), Applicant Tracking (Hiring new employees), Integrated Background Check (Add’l Charges apply), Organizational Chart, Automated Onboarding (paperless Hiring Documents), Performance Tracking, Resume Parser (automatically separates the information on the resume and fills out the forms), Training Administration, Asset Tracking, Employee Portal Login and much more.

2. I only have a few employees, is this for me?
The HireVault was developed for small businesses that want to automate the hiring and employee documents. Our fully automated system has business process flows that save time and effort.

3. My business is different than other businesses, can I create my own hiring documents?
Yes, the HireVault was specifically designed to allow each company and business to include only the documents needed for their company.

4. Can I upload my own documents?
Yes, you can easily scan, upload, create new or take images with a tablet to save existing documents to the system.

5. Is it easy to add existing employees to the system?
Yes, if you have a resume, the system will take the data from the resume and populate the fields in the HireVault saving time.

6. Can employee’s login into the system? What can they see?
Yes, the HireVault includes an employee portal that allows the employees to see and access only what you want them to see controlling access and protecting sensitive documents.