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Our background checks pull REAL police records, court records, background reports, photos, address information, phone numbers, civil judgments, properties owned and more. Please be AWARE when conducting a search that all of the information you enter is 100% accurate.

Why Run a Background Check?


of all Background Checks had at least one serious flag


of County Criminal Record Checks had serious flags


of Education Verifications had serious flags


of Employment Verifications had serious flags


of Driving Records had serious flags

Background Checks that Constantly Give you More

Employee screenings automatically give you access to Hire Vault, our powerful human resources tool that includes continuing background checks. Why continue to run checks on your employees?


Check for criminal records
on new hires


Don’t overlook criminal records for current employees


Our system in the HireVault allows you to monitor employees for future crimes

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Hire Vault is the most powerful HR tool on the market.

Peace of Mind

Safe and secure background checks and electronic document storage

Hiring Simplified

Applicant tracking, new hire checklist, and automated document on-boarding, all paperless and secure.

Accuate Time Keeping

GPS location stamps track your employees time and attendance from the HireVault dashboard to eliminate fraud.

Fully Compliant

Complete and Store I-9’s and W-4’s electronically online. No more mistakes!

24/7 Access

All on the Cloud! Employee Self-service (ESS) portal allows for accurate employee document sharing, save time by having employees access the portal to review only their documents.